Alison Cornwell's Letter

To all plants, fungi etc., and creatures,

Dear Plants, Fungi etc., and Creatures,

These days I'm disgusted to be a human being because of all the suffering and death you have and are experiencing.
I have seen this horrific climate emergency coming for over thirty years now and always tried to "fight your corner for you". A 'few' other people (in relation to the worlds population) have too but our voices have been ignored or not taken anywhere seriously enough meaning so much valuable time has been lost.
As time has gone on it's become more obvious that the worlds leaders aren't getting their priorities right but now there is a 'last minute scramble' to try and do the right thing......... but that does mean all countries large and small.
These days you do have more human friends and I hope it's not too late to halt our damage and in the future you may see humans emerge as your allies rather than enemies.


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