Louise's Letter

To the future....,

To future generations,

I hope that you have finally woken up and taken the blinkers from your eyes and realised at long last how vitally important biodiversity is and that everybody is now doing everything in their power to protect, nurture and live alongside wildlife in harmony including the ones some considered pests. Sadly my generation did not do all they could to protect nature and continue to ignore the collapsing biodiversity which was clearly happening in front of our very eyes. I try to remain hopeful and positive that things have changed for the better and the once struggling wildlife is now recovering and thriving. I would like to think that people are now treating the environment and all that lives within, with respect and are now fully understanding, are fully aware at how without it, humans would not exist. That we must be doing all we can to restore and revitalise habitats for wildlife.

I hope that people will have stopped wily nily chopping down trees for reasons such as it's blocking light from my garden, leaves are dropping and making a mess, the birds are making too much noise and other ridiculous reasons. Houses and buildings will not be build on the green belts and there are stronger laws in place to stop greedy developers destroying habitats.

I hope people will realise the sheer importance of pollinators and insects and all pesticides are now banned. People will be aware that bees, wasps and other insects are all here for a reason and all have an important part to play in the eco system. People will not rush out to destroy things they do not understand.

Council and other organisations will have stopped aimlessly mowing wildflowers, grasses and destroying green areas just so they look neat, sterile and devoid of any form of life. I hope that people will also embrace nature and wildlife within their gardens. The outdated days of the neat and tidy nature brigade will hopefully be on the wane and the very thought of nature being neat and tidy will be a very archaic view. You will embrace the natural world and see all that it has to offer I hope.

I hope that artificial grass will be banned and people will be baffled and disgusted that people actually used this plastic monstrosity to carpet outdoor spaces with.

I hope education in schools change and children are educated and made aware of the beauty of the natural world. Lessons will be taught on how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in a nature friendly way.

Sadly at the time of writing this things are looking pretty bleak, today's generation seem more interested in materialistic ideals that do not matter, too wrapped up in their own little bubbles and far to selfish to change.

I sincerely hope that people will change their lifestyles to become vegan, people today still cling onto the poor excuses to continue to fund the very industries that are the main industries destroying the very planet. Please see beyond the lies these industries tell you....

Lastly I hope that actions will speak louder than words and promises are kept and not broken.

Thankfully there are people out there that understand, are aware and educated enough to be proactive in doing all they can to start making changes and trying their hardest to make a future seem possible for future generations. Remember even as an individual you can make a difference.

I could go on, I've tried and I will continue to try until I am unable to do so.


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