Kaaksha's Letter

Dear future,

As I write this letter in 2023, I want you to know just how deeply concerned I was about climate change and the environment. Back then, it felt like the most important thing in the world to protect our planet.

I saw the signs of climate change getting worse – like strange weather and melting ice. It worried me a lot. So, I decided to do my part. I used less electricity, recycled, and planted trees. I even talked to my friends and family about it, hoping we could all make a difference.

I hoped that by 2030, we'd have made big changes to save our Earth. I hoped people would use clean energy, stop polluting, and take care of nature. I hope electric vehicles would be the mode of transport. Use of solar energy is prioritised. I wished for a healthier, happier planet for you.

I hope this letter finds you in a world where we did our best to protect the environment, and you can enjoy a beautiful, green Earth.


Kaaksha Anand

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