Julie's Letter

To my children - David, Emily and Bethany,

To my children - David, Emily and Bethany

I am really concerned that your generation will suffer as a result of climate change because of my generation who did practically nothing, and I hope that appropriate action will be taken soon so that you will be safe and happy as you grow up and venture out into the world.

It is also worrying that I am writing this in 2022 and yet as a teenager in the 1980s it alarmed me greatly of the dangers of climate change happening at that time in the world, but yet so little has been actioned since. It highlighted to me the need that drastic action was needed immediately, and since then I have been doing what I can to help as an individual, by recycling everything I can and campaigning and petitioning online amongst other every day things.

We need to do the right things now and use our voice today. Surely it is obvious to the government and people in power that drastic action is needed NOW to reverse the impact of the damage done to climate change.

I have been fighting to protect our amazing planet for your beautiful self to be able to enjoy nature at its fullest!

Unfortunately there have been many ignorant people destroying it for decades. For instance cutting down trees and rainforests which are vital for the planet, as well as all the wildlife and biodiversity that depend upon them. Particularly affecting the adorable Orangutans that we all love, who make their beds high up in the canopies

Another way the Earth has been irreversibly harmed, is by all the drilling/extracting of fossil fuels for gas and oil. My opinion is that renewable energy should replace fossil fuel to stop this.

Our air, water and food, have all been poisoned usually intentionally as it was the cheaper option.

People are dying because of pollution that is in the air. We need to do things in a cleaner way to prevent this. In certain parts of the world people's drinking water is contaminated by lead and various other manmade/used chemicals. We also need to reduce the plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans to help the aquatic life and the harm that it causes. Food production is also suffering and I hope that meat consumption declines for the sake of our own health and the environment, and also for the poor animals, that are caged and treated appallingly, and the unhealthy additives that are put in our food, especially processed, are produced at a cost to the environment.

I really hope that you and your generation can take over what I and other campaigners have done to protect our planet and try to vanish all the floods, fires, droughts and storms that cause damage to the people living around the world. I wish you and your families a long, peaceful and safe life on our wonderful planet if it is protected in time.

All my love,
Mum xx

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