Jacqueline's Letter

To all the young people in my family around the world and their future children,

Our ancestor, my Grand Dad and your Great Grand Dad once planted hundreds of trees on his land which today is a small, mature wood providing shelter for animals and people from the rain, the sun and the wind. The trees are healthy for the environment providing oxygen and cleaning the air around them of pollutants. Trees abosorb carbon dioxide and store carbon in their wood and this means global warming is slowed down.
Trees are also good for our physical and mental health because being around trees, and in green spaces where trees grow, our blood pressure and stress levels decrease. Our Grand Dad lived to 96 years of age and it might be because he loved trees so much and planted them on his land as a young man and so lived long enough to enjoy their benefits to him and the animals he looked after.
I have inherited a love of trees from our Grand Dad, and although I do not live on a farm I have sown and grown 8 trees in large pots in the past ten years in my small urban gardens. One day I hope to plant the trees together on land and allow them to become a small wood. I am determined that you will see the small wood I have grown and will continue to grow while I live and know that I, like our Grand Dad and your Great Grand Dad, wanted to leave something which was good for the planet and for the people and animals who live on it.
Plant trees! Continue the family tradition and wherever you live, enjoy and be kind to the planet.

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