Cathy's Letter

My future self,

I really hope by the time I read this letter to myself (2030) that our climate and environment are in a better place than they were when I wrote it (2023). Having been concerned about the impact of human activity on nature for over 40 years it would be a huge relief to see that everyone's efforts have made that vital difference, that our planet is back in balance. It is so encouraging to see younger generations equally concerned about what we do to ensure a positive future for everyone. At the same time, it is so disappointing that we have had to get to this point of pollution, forest fires, droughts and dying seas for the powers that be to start taking this seriously. I hope we now have clean air, clean water, clean seas, naturally fertile soil, abundant plants and wildlife and responsible industry and farming. Its not just the planet that needs these things, but we, as humankind, need it too.

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