Sharon Lee-Frampton's Letter

To my future grandchildren ,

When I was a young girl, I lived by the coast. On day, scrambling around slippy rocks, I fell in to the sea. The waves dragged me out. The waves slammed me back in against the jagged rocks.
And I suddenly realised how fragile and puny I was against raw nature.
And yet, in my adult life, I followed society...insulating myself from nature (run the heating full blast).... controlling it (pull those weeds out of the garden).... divorcing myself from it (plastic flowers are easier).
And then the droughts came, the summers got hotter and the winters got wilder.
And I realised how fragile and puny I was against raw nature.
We had stopped understanding that our actions have consequences....that we are connected with our planet...that our actions effect our planet's climactic balance.
Dear future grandchildren...I am sorry that I didn't make that connection sooner. For that sin, I have contributed to the powerful backlash from Nature that you will be suffering.
But know that when I did understand the simple fact that you can't goad a lion without it lashing back, I learnt to tiptoe lightly on the Earth....reducing consumption and understanding that everything I did, every choice I made, was important....and asking, begging, PLEADING with our government to act now so that the repercussions on you are lessened.
Only you know whether that has happened.

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