Sue's Letter

To the babies born in 2022,

I’m trying to imagine you at my age - 70 - and what sort of world you are living in, if you are fortunate enough to be alive still.
Scientists now say you will inherit a planet in which massive decline of species has taken place, swathes of land where people now live will be submerged, fires will rage, famine will have caused millions to leave their homes, millions more to die prematurely.
Please know that for me and the majority in my country (the UK) we want things to be very different. We are writing to our MPs, we join organisations trying to influence decisions on climate change so that radical action is taken urgently.
We are trying not to give up hope for you, but it looks as if politicians are focussing on short term local issues and are letting us - and you - down very badly.
It is almost too late
I pray it will not be, for your sake.
With heartfelt wishes for your well-being and the well-being of our precious environment

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