Eunice Wormald's Letter

Rishi Sunak P.M.,

I have no hope for the future as the powers that be either do not turn up to the COP meetings or no acts on their reccomendations!

The planet is already burning and logging has not stopped. People are starving cos of droughts which last years, yet we do not help. If we can just leave Afghanistan and those that need us putting their lives on the line to aid us. If we can be so thoughtless why do we expect any change from Government? Who already have banned on shore wind farms so the owners of our electricity can continue to reap in profits.

This Tory government says by 2030 but if they carry on like this we will be lucky to see 2030. It is like sitting on a sinking ship and guessing who will drown first.

You worry about war refugees, you have not seen nothing yet?

To Rishi Sunaki P.M.

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