Caoilionn's Letter

To my future imaginary granddaughter, Dubheasa ,

Dear Dubheasa,

I hope you live a life of joy through your senses and that you live in a world that can provide you with:
• delicious food, flavourful and varied
My generation destroyed the abundant supply of wild Irish salmon, wild berries, wild mussels, wild thistle, wild rhubarb and more that i used to enjoy so much every summer.
I hope by the time you read this everything wild & irish is back on your plate and that we have repaired the mistakes we made.

• a vibrant and colourful countryside with wild grasslands and a rich diversity of life to enjoy

• a life with newly imagined transport without the environmental and social price we pay today

And that you live in a society that values people equally with nature and the ways of nature at the core of learning and thinking.

& finally I hope I can enjoy it all with you, Caoilionn

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