James's Letter

Dear the future ,

I am really concerned for the future of our climate and world,
and I hope that our laws for agriculture becomes better for wildlife, including farmers getting paid for or giving 10% of there land to wildlife, or less intense farming.
I hope that swift boxes can be accessible to get and subject every house, even if rented, for our amazing avian neighbours, swifts, sparrows, and whoever else will use them, and that all our bird species do not decrease, but keep at even rates.
I hope that you are inspired by nature at your doorstep,
and that it is not all the species we have have now gone for you.
that the MP's have not acted yet and have taken it from you,
And I hope that we will act quicker than them,
that biodiversity strikes wonder, creativity, belonging, among young, middle, old,
And that it is still flourishing
within a connected world.

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