Rowan Dale's Letter

To my son Dylan,

I am hoping for a bright future for you and for all of your generation. You deserve it. I want you to be able to enjoy, and to live in a world where there is access to green spaces and nature, alongside the more basic resources like fresh water, sustainable food and safe places to live. I hope that you can walk in woods and enjoy the sea in the way I have been able to do. This was always very important to me when I was little.
I am hoping that we as a global community will make the right decisions in the right amount of time to moderate the effects of climate change and create a greener world for our families to live in.
We need to create more sustainable sources of energy, insulate our homes in the UK and stop acting like climate change is a problem that can be dealt with tomorrow. It's here and it's happening and we need to act. Now.
I love you Dyl. From mama xx

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