Marianne 's Letter

King Charles,

Please continue work toward sustaining the natural world , to help declining species , to regain balance - to keep the world protected and balanced our worlds eco system , to slow down and the damaged ozone , to work towards fair treatment of animals of whom you dearly cherish .. you love natural wild life , and the countryside , please join with Europe to change the process , that has caused ice caps to melt faster , continue to influence other countries to change their habits too, as you have always done , please continue to do and help the poor to help themselves in this time of need. We need a world for all to live , freely and safely in , without serious man made illness , coming from - mass produced materials that pollute - and kill our environment , and waste our natural beauty ... in our nature and - and life systems ... oceans and skies. We need fresh air , clear skies , to feel the abundance and healing of nature in our bodies minds and souls . We can start now by changing how we make things , how we dispose of things safely , how we treat animals with dignity - so that no sickness will enter the food chain , no need to cause heartless suffering in farming animals . This will make us feel better about our world in return , that we are good and loving carers of our planet and our future shared with all creation .

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