Haneen's Letter

My future self,

Dear future self

I am writing to tell you about how devastated I am from this horrendous mistake my generation of people has made, I am devastated from climate change and how no one important is making a change. How would you feel if you wanted someone to make a change but no one is listening to you? I am certain that my people caused it. I just want to live my normal life like when I was five years old I had no worries and I knew I could live how I liked. Now we are losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice every year and that will affect our oceans who are now dying. Due to global warming caused by burning these useless fossil fuels the atmosphere has warmed up so much that it’s causing droughts and the extreme conditions along with people cutting down trees; one of our hopes for fighting climate change is causing many animals to go extinct to the point where more than one million species of animals are facing extinction. Governments and world leaders feel too superior to even bother to help and these heartless people are making me feel like in the future I’ll never be happy again as climate change will be irreversible by 2030. Please improve the future for me. I want to see more greenery and less litter, I want there to be non fossil fuel powered transport and no climate change overall. This can only happen if everyone becomes more eco friendly and if people realise their mistake of using these disgusting fossil fuels and replacing them with better energy like hydro or solar energy. Out of all of this everyone should especially stop wasting things and over making things too. I’m too devastated to do anything, I try but it breaks my adaptation and this is more than blood boiling to me. Why didn’t people make me adapt to the more sustainable way as a young person? People in my generation are way too selfish and greedy. I just wish they can be better people by preventing the use of fossil fuels and littering. That is the most important thing for me. I wish I could grow up to see the life I’ve always wanted and dreamed of.


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