Freya L's Letter

Dear My Future Children and Grandchildren,

I am Freya and I am currently 14 years old and I live in England. (I want to live somewhere else when I am older though!) How are you? We are meant to be writing about our hopes for the environment and what we want future leaders to do.

I would like global warming to decrease and our CO2 emissions to stop. I would like animals like dodos to stop dying (even though they have literally been dead for like 3 centuries). I would also like to know if the world has been destroyed from global warming and I would like to be able to travel without repercussions or restrictions.

I would like to travel all around the world. I love Europe and have been to many places within it. However I would also like to travel all around the world to visit many places such as Patagonia in South America, New York in North America, Mozambique in Africa, the Himalayas in Asia and Fiji, on the other side of the world. When I was younger I also wanted to visit the moon but I don’t really fancy that anymore because of the CO2 emissions - and also it’s kind of scary.

When I am older I would like to help decrease global warming (but I am not very good at science I would rather be a journalist of sorts); so that everyone is able to travel the world.

Also I would like to eat cheese.


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