Jenna Oldham's Letter

My nieces and nephews ,

To my beautiful nieces and nephews

We have known since I was a school girl that our way of living leaves a lasting impact on the environment around us and the wider world.

As a family we have made decisions and adjustments to reduce our impact and protect the nature around us. We hope by showing you this as you grow up you will live better lives and further share the learning as well as be reaping the benefits.

It has taken a long time for the leaders of ours and some other countries to identify with this and put education and climate action at the forefront of their policies. I do hope that the small efforts of individuals like us will resonate with those in power to guide the wider populations of our country and world with the strength that is required.

If they have acted I imagine you living in a world where it’s is normal to enjoy nature, seasons, wildlife and consistency. Know that as the world has been shaped to protect our ecosystem we have learnt and adapted and made some wise decisions that should be shared far and wide. Appreciate this and the world that you live in, it is more important then you will ever know. xx

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