Sara Bailey's Letter

To my sons ,

To my beautiful boys Jake & Will I’m so sorry I did not wake up to the seriousness of the problem sooner. I am awake to it now and it feels overwhelming. I wish to protect you both my angels, my boys, my beloved children as much as I can and fear I won’t be able to do this given the magnitude of the threat we will probably be facing, you more than myself. I pray 🙏 and willl endeavour to work to make the changes that I can. I will always be in every cell of your being as you are in mine and when my body fades I will be a spiritual energy surrounding you with endless love. Our souls will be forever mingled through all time. Please do not be frightened and look after each other in any small way you can. The small things do make all the difference especially if lots of people do them together.
Endless love to you both.

Mum xx

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