Clare Wichbold's Letter

To my future self,

I hope that you are enjoying long walks in the countryside, bird watching and still getting plenty of fresh air. I'm hoping that the rivers are clean, there's more trees being planted, there's bees, butterflies and other insects in abundance, and the planning laws are preventing unregulated development in our precious green spaces. But I am worried about what might have happened by 2030.

I want you to be able to look back and reflect that in 2022 the government listened to the conservation organisations who are passionate about sustainability, climate change and ensuring that the environment is properly protected. And not just listened, but understood and acted through legislation: to protect unique and threatened habitats, cut the use of harmful pesticides, support farmers in sustainable food production, develop clean, green renewable energy sources, and reduce pollution in our rivers and coastal seas.

I hope, too, that the government listened to the people of the country, to hear their voices and understand that without nature, we are nothing and our existence will be reduced to, well, just existing. No one deserves that future, including me.

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