Lorraine Ann Surringer's Letter

To my dear grandchildren ,

You all know how I, and my many good friends around the world, have fought tooth and nail to help our planet survive the scourge that is Man - well at least those men/women in control of our planet, who are allowing its destruction. I am praying that our efforts will not be in vain and the planet will still be a beautiful, safe place for you to enjoy and thrive.

Those in control have allowed filthy fossil fuels to pollute the Earth because they have invested in those very companies. Always follow the money. They will ignore the natural energy sources, such as sun, wind, and tide, and instead look to frack the very gas out of the stones which are the foundations of our Earth.

Or they will burn the trees, and call it renewable biofuel energy - a double whammy against our poor planet! I must state here that I DO NOT blame vital, trace gas, plant food, CO2! But fossil fuels, and even worse, burning living trees, does introduce many carcinogenic chemicals into the very air we breathe. Is it any wonder that cancer has gone from 1 in 10 to 1 in 2 during my lifetime?

And don't even get me started on the most terrifying source of all - nuclear - the most unnatural source that goes against God and Nature. The waste will stay radioactive for thousands of years and cannot be buried anywhere near people or animals - impossible on such a small island! Not to mention the risks associated with natural disasters, wars, or terrorist attacks on nuclear power stations!

The people in control will not consider genuine renewable sources, that will bring cheaper, cleaner energy to the people, because there is no profit in it for them. Yes, there will need to be initial investment - but look at what they spend building nuclear power stations! Why not use the tide when we have the second biggest tidal range in the world?

I pray our planet can survive the greed of Man,
That he will leave our trees alone;
They protect us from the elements,
And prevent the erosion of soil.

They provide our fellow creatures with homes,
And oxygen for us to breathe,
Bringing beauty to our world,
And gladness to our souls.

I pray that he will leave the shale alone,
So our water tables stay clean and pure,
And our foundations strong and safe
So we don't tremble in our beds.

I pray that he will leave nuclear well alone,
Splitting and fusing Nature's elements,
Can only bring us harm.
And where will they store the waste?

No one wants radiation in their backyards,
Or to live in the shadow of a potential holocaust,
Our island is too small, to store it somewhere safe,
'An accident waiting to happen', you've heard me say.

Why not harness the natural elements, God and Nature provide?
We have exhausted the Earth; stolen too much coal and oil from the ground.
But what about The Sun - fire - which can power our whole planet every day?
Or Air - which blows as wind? Or Water? The flowing rivers and seas which never rest,
The elements are safe and pure and endless...

Your loving Nan x

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