Christine Dickinson's Letter

To my granddaughter Mia,

We all need to pull together to take better care of our planet, she is the only one we have, and if we don't take better care of her now, future generations are going to struggle and
will not thank us for not protecting our precious earth, we need to put more pressure on goverments, they say they will take steps, but they are not doing so, they are not listening to us , yes we can all do our bit, every little helps, over twelve years ago I invested 10,000 on solar panels for my house, in that time they have generated 13,000 pounds worth of electricity plus helping me save what I use in the day, I decided to invest in solar panels while
hosting one of the first anti fracking campaigns, camp frack, when I learned about how much damage fracking caused in America I decided I must do as much as I could to prevent it coming here, thank goodness for the moment we are not going to have any of it in this country. I have also invested in more roof insulation, I don't think the government have any intention of investing any money into helping us with insulating our homes, I have a rayburn
which I only bought five years ago, so as I invested over 12,000 in it, I am reluctant to get rid of it , I now try to burn more wood on it as it is multi fuel, I run a camp site so I would like to generate more of my own electricity in the future by investing in more solar panels, or a wind turbine, but I believe they can be noisy. also the waste that is produced on the campsite can be made into briquettes which I could burn on my rayburn, I just need to carry out more research into their production, we already recycle our waste, but not 100 per cent where it ends up, after the local council collects it . having a four year old Granddaughter spurs me on to find more ways of helping our planet, this is all we have , we are still letting her down badly , do we want future generations to suffer because of our selfishness, renewables more than ever are worth every penny of our investment.

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