Peter Pied Piper's Letter

To all non-human species,

To all species other than human, I apologise! You have evolved over millions of years to form a balanced ecosystem which has been self-fulfilling and sustainable yet, my species has been the climax which, in just a few millennia, has set in motion the decline and destruction of the whole system - too many of us are ignorant of the system we inhabit believing, arrogantly, that we are 'at the top' and above it all or indeed, that we are not even part of the system but created by a god of our own kind. There is the ignorance of not knowing and then there is the ignorance of not caring but either way, deliberately or not, we are destroying your lives and, for those of us who don't care about others, we should care for ourselves, because we rely on your continued healthy existence for our own future. Some of us do care about you but not enough and few of us are willing to live in harmony with you and fewer still have tried. I am so sorry for you and for what too many of my ignorant species have done to you. Bye. P.

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