Sarah fletcher's Letter

My children,

I would like to see this world for you as better,cleaner and brighter.Renewables would be used throughout the world and fossil fuels excavation and extraction illegal and this is monitored using artificial intelligence. Electric cars with carbon capture technology and all modes of transport will be the norm.I would like petrol and diesel illegal so old cars can be scrapped and used to make new technologies.I think maybe less governments may be a good thing so they can take greater control of the world and the people more of a green democratic government.All trees will be protected unless they are owned and have a sustainability claus where they are used for furniture and replanted.I really want areas to be rewilded where trees have been cut they need to be reseeded and kelp needs to be grown in ten percent of the earths ocean to take in co2 and help reverse this warming.Plastics from kelp and other biodegradable plastics are only used for food,packaging etc.Supermarkets also are run differently with large vats of products and people have to take their own containers in and refill them.

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