Grandma Margaret's Letter

To my grandchildren,

My dear ones, My wish for each one of you is to have a bright future, to be happy and live in a peaceful world. Life offers so much to explore and experience. Knowing that we humans share this planet with all living things, and how we can’t live without the resources the planet provides, your help is still needed so that all life on Earth can thrive. In caring for creation, we care for our own species. When you think of me, think GREEN!!
The natural world has give me so much joy. I loved showing you the birds in the garden and the wildflowers on our walks when you were little. I loved it when you helped me plant seeds and watered the vegetables. Remember my efforts to help stop further global warming. Eat less meat and more veg!
I hope that the global temperature will stabilize soon and that when you have children they will be able to see and enjoy it all too, much love Grandma.

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