Anna Pennant's Letter

To my future self,

I am hoping and praying that the world that you live to day has managed to get it act together and opened its eyes to the injustice and inequality all around. I am hopeful that something can still be done and the world that you now live in has some promise that things will get better. At the moment the news seems to one bad thing after another, but I believe that there are still good people out there people that want to make a difference and take a stand.
So I hope they have won. Won over then society that tells us that all we need is more. Won over the people in power that only do things that will bring them more power. Won to bring a society where people truly care about each other. These might be tall things to hope for, but without hope we have nothing. No reason to keep trying to strive for a better world where we can not just survive but thrive. So I do really hope that you are thriving. Living a life that is full of hope, joy, peace and love, not just because these are things that you strive for personally but that as a collective these are things that you all want for one another.

So I want to ask a few questions to the people that are here now. Are you hopping for a better future, or are you happy surviving? Are you filled with joy every time you read/watch the news, you may think this a silly question but why should it be? We can do better! Would you be writing this letter to your future self, or are you happy to sit by as people in the world around us continue to teeter on the edge of existence, not sure what the effects of climate change is going to bring them next.

So finally I will say, I am looking forward to meeting you Anna, I am stilling hopping for a better future and I hope anyone reading this now is too.
Love Anna

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