Martha 's Letter

Dear future me,

Let me start of this letter by asking how are you? How is life? More importantly how is the planet? It the year 2024 when I’m writing this. You may reading this in 2100 or even 2060. The planet may be destroyed. The world is likely to pass a dangerous temperature threshold within the next 10 years, pushing the planet past the point of catastrophic warming. This is terrible we need put a stop to this. When you are reading this I hope that the world has come together to tackle this global crisis. I hope that everyone did do the little steps, like eating more vegetables, walk, cycle or take public transport. Save energy at home like lowering you heating down. This will help slow down climate change but if no one helps then the world will have irreversible damage but 2100, destroying many ecosystems. I will only be 91! I don’t want to think think that 10 years into the world have barley done anything to help climate change that why I am going to be doing small but effective steps into helping saving out planet. Like turning off the toaster when I don’t use it. Have meat free days like meat free days. I would like to say one of my goals for the future is to do my part in saving planet and to bring back dodos!
From Martha.

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