Emma K's Letter

The Children of our FAN Family,

We know now that the dream of limiting temperature rises to 1.5ºC is dead. We know now that, even if our leaders step up, you will be living in a world with more hunger, more water scarcity and more extreme weather events. A world where civil unrest is more likely. A world where millions of people will die from the choices made today.

I am so sorry that we didn't do enough before now. Sorry that we didn't fight harder. Sorry that it took so long to demand our voices are heard. Sorry for the people we allowed to hold positions of influence during such a critical time on this planet.

I hope that world leaders gained some perspective and prevented the situation from getting worse than it already is - so that millions, won't become billions. I hope that we did enough to give you a chance and that you know that we tried. I hope that we gave you the knowledge and resources to see you through this crisis. I hope that we taught you compassion, resilience and that together you are stronger. I hope you survive what the generations before you have done to your world.

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