Becky's Letter

To my daughter Rosie and son Rowan,

It's 2020 as I write this you are 2 Rosie and Rowan is nearly 6. Rosie has nearly been home a year and has been through so much in her short life already.

And whilst now we enjoy a happy life together as a family, I fear the future holds worse for you both, and all your cousins and their children. Maybe by the time you read this in the year 2030 some of your cousins have children! It's only 8 years away but I fear by then the medium bad or worst predictions of the climate scientists may have come to pass. I fear our friends in Uganda and many across East Africa may have lost many family and friends in an inhospitable landscape. So too for friends and people across many areas of the world. And as for us, who knows?

But..... it may be different if the politicians can really wake up to the Great Rearranging that the indigenous people see we need in the West, just like the caterpillar in the cocoon maybe we have by 2030 rearranged our society to benefit people and planet. Maybe the narcissists have been brought down by victory for truth in the Great Information War that started in 2014. Maybe in 2030 we are rising like a field of butterflies to reach a new relationship with the World. One at balance between humans and nature as the custodian species, caring for all the Earth.

You'll need to keep this going so choose your paths in life wisely. But most of all enjoy your time and be kind and loving wherever it is nourishing to do so.

Lots of love, Mummy xx

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