Rosemary's Letter

To all my great-nieces and nephews,

To the tomorrow I hope for you,

My greatest hope for tomorrow is that everyone starts to do more to stop the climate crisis. We now have the opportunity to save our planet.

But it has to be everyone. Not just people with power and influence in this world: politicians of all persuasions; church and faith leaders of all religions; media personalities; sporting personalities– but every child woman and man. My generation must not continue to fail to heed the warnings.

I have to believe there is hope. Many of the young people in our world want a world that still has wonderful creatures in it. A world which is fairer to everybody. A world which no longer has extreme weather, like fires, floods, heat and storms, so animals and people are no longer forced to flee to safety.

We all know climate crisis is real and we all know what needs to happen to reverse it. I know we can do it together. We must persuade those currently in power all over the world to listen to what we have learned in the last decade or so. We are all connected, we all rely on each other, what happens in one place affects us all. No issue or decision or life happens in isolation.

I hope this future comes very soon.

With love and hope


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