Hatim and Mason's Letter

To my teachers, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Richardson,

High Cross Primary School
High Cross Drive
NP10 9AB

27th June 2023

Dear ‘Letters To Tomorrow’,

We are Hatim and Mason. We are both 9 years old and go to High Cross Primary school. We are the next generation and we are very concerned about the climate crisis. Ice sheets are melting, animals are dying and carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. We want you to stop pollution and climate change.

Trees are vital!
Trees are vital because they provide oxygen for us, and habitats for other animals.
Trees suck up CO2 and give us oxygen, and they also draw in water to prevent floods.
Trees should not be cut down. We need them!!!
If we cut trees down, we are ruining habitats, and we are hurting the Earth - what can we do without them?!

We need you to deal with many things, but we are trying to make things simple for you.

Plastic Damage
32% of plastic ends up in our environment - thats a lot!
Burnt plastic releases toxins into to the air that could be lethal to lots of plants and animals - 40% of plastic gets burnt in landfills.
If we do not recycle plastic, it can end up in the sea and it harms many sea creatures. Some of the fish we eat has plastic in it!
It takes ~450 years for plastic to break down in the wild.

If we stop using plastic everything will be different. Humans could be way more environmentally-friendly, but we just need to do a few simple steps and everything could be better.

Climate Change

Climate change is affecting us and other living things.
Climate change is being caused by our actions.
Climate change needs to be stopped or else we could all die along with the Earth.

The best thing we can do is STOP CLIMATE CHANGE! Did you know that to make a 350 page book it takes 15,000,000 trees!!! Now, plastic is being mass produced in factories and THAT'S NOT GOOD! We (everyone) need(s) a change. We need help. Can you fix this? If yes, DO IT NOW! Remember, the future isn’t written yet
I hope you make a change.

Kind regards,
Hatim and Mason
27th June, 2023

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