Jean Boorman's Letter

To all unborn children and the young of today,

I do not have any children of my own but I fear for future generations and the young of today as the effects of climate change become more evident. The destruction already done to the environment and the long term effects of modern farming practices, deforestation and ocean pollution are becoming alarming and unforgivable.
The effect of this on the poorest nations of the world, already vulnerable in so many ways is worrying and feels me with guilt.
As an animal and nature lover I wonder how many magnificent creatures in decline today will still be around for you and future generations to see and care for. Will the place of my birth still be the green and pleasant land of my childhood, or will over development of rural area's and over fishing in our coastal waters and oceans be beyond repair.
I do hope not! And if it is I hope you will forgive me and my generation for our greed and thoughtlessness. Most of which was not intentional but born out of ignorance.
What ever the future holds I know it will be different and that it will not be possible to turn back the clock, but I hope you all grow up to appreciate and care for the world you inherit and that it will be sustainable, healthy and shared with the creatures that have inhabited the earth for thousands of year and do not have a voice of their own. Be kind, gentle, honest and hardworking and above all respect each other and all those you share this earth with.
Love me x

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