Ian Hobson's Letter

My great-grandson and Great-granddaughter ,

Dear great-grandchildren,

As I write this letter, your dad is only five and a half years old. I'm almost 72 but, though it's unlikely, I may still be alive by the time you are old enough to read. But in case I'm not, how did my generation, and your granddad and grandma's generation, do with tackling climate change?

I'm guessing you'll think not so well, as we are still driving cars with petrol engines, and we do like to jet off to warmer locations for our holidays. Sorry about that.

On the plus side, we do recycle as much as possible and have cut down on single-use plastic as much as we can. And we have signed lots of petitions urging the world's leaders and industrialists to cut the use of plastic, and to stop the pollution of our rivers and seas, by water companies and farmers. I love to swim in the sea. I hope it's safe for you to do so.


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