Mrs Carol Broom's Letter

To future generations,

The climate crisis is the most serious problem that we have today - and governments are failing to tackle it. It involves cost - but costs will be infinitely greater the longer we fail to tackle it. I want to see the beauties of nature protected and continuing into the future - animals saved from extinction, including ourselves - biodiversity increased instead of decreased - soil fertility increased instead of depleted, so that it is capable of producing the food that everyone needs.

I want to see increased equality instead of the increasing inequality engendered by toxic neoliberalism, that puts profit before people and planet and is poisonous. We need fair pay and increased minimum wages for those at the bottom rather than obscenely large salaries for those at the top. I want a society that cares for all its members and looks after the weak and vulnerable, rather than ignoring or exploiting them.

What we do today will affect the situation that the youth of today and unborn generations of tomorrow will be faced with. I want it to be a good and hopeful situation - not one blighted by wrong actions taken today or inaction on the climate crisis. We owe it to the future to do our best for people and planet and to conserve land and oceans and protect the people and animals that live in and on both.

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