John's Letter

Grandad to Jack and Ella,

On the visit of his Grandchildren to the seaside .
To find this place makes you dance with joy at being alive.
The walk through the woods to see sunlight sea, with the waves crashing onto the rocks,
and the roar of the pebbles drawn breakers will, uplift your spirits.
High overhead the gulls wheel and turn, and give out that singular cry of your seaside visit.
The Salt Cedars blow in the sea breeze as you go down the steps, to the beach,
and you’re excited because you’re holiday adventure is just beginning and even with others there you will have this all to yourself.
Surely in the future we can hope that this special place will always continue to delight many other children and adults, forever and ever, and convince them that they too must act together, to save their own secrete special places forever and ever and ever...........

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