Marian's Letter

To my dear Children,

We are now in 2023, and our planet is a disaster. The pollution is extreme, animals are struggling and earth can’t cope with the pressures that humans are putting on it. The litter problem is worse than many realise as there are plastic carrier bags at the bottom of our oceans. Our sea creatures have plastics in their stomachs, all caused by humans!

We all dream for a better future. We do not want planet Earth to continue to be a huge rubbish pit! Our government are currently pushing for electric powered cars. New diesel and petrol cars are not in the future. I’m not sure if electric really is the best, but I’m sure you now have many more charging points scattered everywhere. Many of us in 2023 were unable to charge our electric cars at home, due to lack of off road parking. I would hope in the future, if they have continued to push for electric cars that people have been supported to be able to do this. Maybe they have changed their minds on electric powered vehicles.

Our climate in 2023 is not good. We all hope for a better future. One where our air is clean, one where we can enjoy the beauty of the countryside and its wildlife. One where people prefer to walk rather than take the car. A world where everyone plays their part.

In 2023, too many of our green spaces are being built on, I hope in the future there are still fields and green spaces to be enjoyed. The prospect of no green spaces, just houses in years to come scares me!

The use of pesticides and destruction of ecosystems needs to stop! All the small creatures that we share our planet with all play their part. We need to look after them rather than needlessly killing them.

Please continue to do your part in this. All of us need to work together to look after our planet, from putting rubbish in the bin, not purchasing / reducing use of plastic to walking rather than taking the car. Respecting the small creatures in your gardens, being able to enjoy the beauty and peace of a wood, and being able to sit on an unpolluted beach.

If the climate destruction continues then things will only get worse. This has gone on for too long. I’m sorry if in the future the climate is worse than today, but please try and do your part to help prevent further disaster.

With all my love and hugs Mum x x

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