rosy Townsend's Letter

To my grandchildren,

Yikes! 2030 isn't far off!
You'll still only be 15 and 11.
We, I mean all of us who have benefitted in our lifestyles from the ease and plenty made possible by fossil fuels, have to make so many changes before that....
I'm so glad that we three are able to enjoy walking to the park, kicking a ball, playing, looking at the cygnets - I hope you'll still be enjoying doing things that don't need any energy besides what our legs use!
However things change in the next seven years and please God our global political leaders will keep to the Paris agreement, cancel all plans to extract more coal, gas and oil, protect communities from the climate harm that's already locked-in and turn to nature's own solutions to restore earth's beauty and abundance, I trust that you will be happy and fulfilled in your teenage years. I may even still be around to enjoy them with you! XX

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