Peter's Letter

My Family - Sam, Oli and Lexi ,

There is already a climate emergency and I would like the generations to come to have a better life than those before and that is a challenge with the planet changing much faster than we can adapt to it. This is not a problem to be left for future generations, it is taking place in front of us now and we all have an accountability to take action and play a role in shaping the future.

From inconsistent weather to increasing food prices and an impact on crops, climate change will not just impact those in remote countries, it will and already is having an impact on every one of us. As an individual who needs my morning, afternoon and evening cups of coffee, climate change is already significantly impacting coffee producers and their harvests and we could potentially see the coffee-producing areas halved by 2050.

This not only reduces the trade of a core commodity but also the livelihoods of those farmers. So we all need to come together and achieve great things as a group, working collaboratively so we can preserve our planet, now, soon and in the future.

I am writing this letter to ask you, Oli and Lexi, to think about what you eat, how you travel, and how much you recycle or reuse and ask yourself and others what more you can do taking individual responsibility for team delivery. If the answer is yes, let's begin the positive change today so you and the generations to come can enjoy those pleasures in life we often take for granted.

Yours Sincerely,


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