Joanna Zaks's Letter

To my son Oliver,

My mother was in the Greenham common protests in the 1980s the campaign against nuclear disarmament. I was just a child and I remember building a nuclear bunker for my dolls. I didn't want children because of this but I got pregnant and have loved being a mother. However with Climate change I think a lot of people are deeply concerned and conscious about global warming drought and food shortages. This year temperature were beyond belief which was distressing to all. Abroad we have seen droughts, floods famines earthquakes and epic pollution of rivers and streams. I weep to think of my grandchidren growing up in these appalling conditions. Progressive governments have denyed and repressed information on climate change. Scenes of climate change are a daily event and it disgusts millions of people to see the suffering of ones fellow human beings. Governments have used dirty power "solutions" while letting green energy solution fall by the way side. Car emissions give us a costant stream of pollution even when we are iside them. How long does humanity have left? How many more horrific deaths? Why won't governments stop. It is already to lateto stop and Governments continue to block information on Global warming and are in complete denial about this oh so important subject.

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