Kelly Lees's Letter

To my son & daughter,

Firstly, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I brought you into a world where money and progress is more important than our precious, beautiful, natural world. I’m sorry that there are things I’ve seen and experienced that you may never know because of climate change. I’m sorry that all the efforts I have made to change how we live may well be in vain and it might just be too late.
If I could change things; I’d protect every tree, every plant, every bee, every precious species. I’d stop deforestation. I’d stop over fishing our seas. I’d stop drilling for oil. I’d push for more sustainable affordable living. For us to work in harmony with what nature gave us. Find better alternatives to fossil fuels. But I am scared it’s all too late. I’m worried we’ve left it too late to reverse the damage we’ve done. All I can do now is hope. I will keep pushing for change, keep signing petitions, keep making sustainable changes. I’ll do what I can for as long as is needed.

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