Hannah Mann's Letter

To my beloved boys, Elliot and Oscar,

I want you to know that I tried to fight the good fight for you, to do all that I could do save this precious planet we are gifted with from God. Your Dad watches me with a mixture of despair and admiration as I produce endless new recycling pots and boxes, switch lights off constantly, turn thermostats down and enforce vegetarianism on the family. And you will hopefully know one day how hard I tried in my work to make a difference.

I'm filled with wonder at the innate delight you find in creation - your ability to spot the tiny creatures crawling through the grass, to find joy in wildlife and nature, to get your hands dirty in the mud and to show compassion to creatures great and small. Never lose this wonder. Never stop loving the gift of nature that is all around us. Never take it for granted, as our generation has done for too long.

I'm so sorry for the damage we have all caused, through our greed and insatiable capacity for consumption. I know you can show us how to live better, do better, love better.

I know it must feel scary. I feel afraid too. But I also feel hope, because of you. Because of your gifts, and all that you will bring to this world. And I feel hope because we partner in this with our Creator God. If you have faith now, or none, I will continue to be praying and know that He walks this journey alongside us.

I long for a world where communities live in harmony with nature, where people share resources and give generously to those in need, where energy is never taken for granted and everyone has access to renewable warmth. I long for a world where everyone can see trees from wherever they live, endangered animals are brought bank from the brink of extinction, global leaders are united in their determination to preserve our world, and where love of neighbour overcomes love of self.

You are my beloved. I'm sorry for what we have done, I thank you for the joy you give me every day, and I pray for you as you take up the baton to fight for our planet as I have tried to do.

Lots of love,
Mummy xxx

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