Alice (14)'s Letter

To my relatives of tomorrow,

I hope you know of a meadow. A flower meadow to be specific. It is one of the prettiest things this world has to offer us. So delicate and beautiful. So different and magical.
I hope you know of the seaside, so peaceful and blue. So pretty and colourful.
I hope you know that we wanted to change but we were stripped of our voice and our rights and our choice.
I hope the world leaders listen now, I hope they made a change.
If not, then you won't be reading this - this letter will sit here unread. And that would be ok, I guess, because we got what was coming for us - the world took action instead of us.
I hope the people took action though, and took a stance, then we might stand a chance against the future that is about to become ours and the nightmares that are to become real.
I hope you know of a meadow, a flower meadow to be specific. It is one of the rarest things in your world and soon it will be no more.
From everyone here in 2023, sorry.
Sorry that we weren't enough.

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