Ann's Letter

To all of my future relatives,

To the generation of the future who are taking on the responsibility of caring for the planet. I admire and honour you.

We who came before you found it hard to do this. We could see the signs that the planet was struggling because of the thoughtless ways we humans had treated our environment. We thought we should take what we wanted without thinking of the consequences. It turns out that the planet is one large web where everything affects everything else. Being loving caretakers would be a way to manage this complicated global system but this was not easy when every thing we wanted had either a positive or negative effect on the future health of all of life.

As you can see this problem was huge!

If you are reading this it means that we got ourselves motivated and became responsible about our choices. This was a big challenge.

So please learn from us, don’t make our mistakes instead enjoy the benefits a healthy planet brings.

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