Carole's Letter

to my sister Anne,

We are both of an age where we have seen incredible changes in every aspect of the world. We have been fortunate to visit other countries and learn about different cultures which has helped us to appreciate our environment.
But what will happen in the next few decades?
The future isn't written yet, so we all need to come to an agreement on how to keep, preserve and restore our planet.
Our lives are out of balance because we have not been respecting the world we live in, which is resulting in countries and communities dealing with crisis after crisis.
There is a reason why all the living things; plants and animals have a place on our planet, they are all part of the web of nature and play a part in keeping everything balanced.

Our world is out of kilter and is becoming more so as we meddle, and governments decide policies that contradict what should be happening. There is a great awareness of what the future might look like but not enough is being done to restore the balance that has been achieved over millions of years.
Money is the main reason for our disregard for the future. Creating wealth is always at the forefront of any decisions despite many companies and countries paying lip service to becoming eco -friendly.
There is much to be done but the task is daunting and there are only some brave souls who are willing to do all they can to create change for the better.
Nature, well-being and contentment has much greater value than material assets.

We both try to do what we can in our own small way, but the task is immense and needs countries to grasp the nettle and take a stance that will make a difference; so that the polar bears will still have ice, the wild weather will be tamed, and future generations will be able to enjoy green surroundings.

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