Malcolm Green's Letter

To Planet Earth,

Dear Planet Earth or should I call you Gaia?
You coalesced out of star dust four and a half billion years ago, not too hot and not too cold, the Goldilocks planet. As far as we know the only planet to give birth to life. And give birth you did to tiny bits of life which over millions of years flourished into the amazing diversity we have today. Breathtakingly beautiful and mysterious and now perilously wounded. We humans became so obsessed with our own inventiveness and power, we forgot that you planet earth gave birth to us along with every other living being. We treated you as a resource for us to use, regardless of the cost to your health, dear earth. Forgive us,our blindness and the short-sighted, cloth-eared leaders we have chosen to make decisions on our behalf. As I write the prime minister of UK has said he is not going to COP 27 because he has more important things to do. What can be more important than life on the planet?
Amongst us there is, however, a growing movement toward a different way of thinking, another story. A story that connects us all. Perhaps, just perhaps we can turn this around.

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