Jill Hudson's Letter

To my grand-nieces and nephews, as yet unborn,

I so much hope with all my heart that the world into which you have been born is one which is heading in the right direction: a world where nature is valued, where children have green spaces to play in and explore, where there are forests and parks and beauty everywhere; where public transport is cheap and the roads are no longer congested with cars; where the air is clean, and you can swim in a plastic-free sea, and know joy and love in a fair and just world where God and all of God's creatures are honoured and valued. I hope that more and more people in the world will have realised that money and economic growth are not the source of happiness. I hope that there is still snow to sledge on and make snow angels, into snowballs to have fun with your friends, because climate change has been halted once and for all. Most of all, I hope that you yourselves will want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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