Chris's Letter

To my daughter,

Beloved daughter,

I'm hoping that, by the time you're in gainful employment, you won't be polluting the planet just to stay alive; that you can walk through the city centre without inhaling poisonous fumes; that you can walk through the countryside aware of the diversity of nature, and watch the bees on the flowers (I'm hoping there will be bees); that you can travel easily without polluting the air; that you can heat your home and switch on the lights without feeling that, by doing so, you're contributing to make the world hotter; that your country will be helping other countries that are innocent of pollution to recover from the effects caused by its industrial revolution and colonial enterprises, and that you'll be living in a world where pollution is not the price of business but the most significant cost any business has to face. I'm not expecting this, but I'm hoping, for your sake, and ours, and everyone's.

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