Alison's Letter

To my granddaughter Maya - and to those in government,

At the moment, Maya, you are five years old and full of life and curiosity about the world. I know your parents want the very best for you and will do all they can to help you have the best start in life. And we all hope you'll go onto have a wonderful life.
I want to now add a few words to our government, because they have the opportunity to make those hard decisions which will ensure that you, Maya, will have a world to grow up in which is healthy and wil provide you and all your friends with the kind of environment in which you can all flourish. That means clean air, clean water, and a beautiful countryside full of thriving wildlife.
Our government - I beseech you to look after all our grandchildren. And, Maya, I hope you will do all you can to make sure everyone looks after our precious world.
my love as always

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