Janna O's Letter

dear future self,

hello future self! i was wondering how the world is doing. i really hope that the world is doing okay and the animals are still alive. is covid still around or did they finally get rid of it; is there a new virus around? where do u live now? is it nice and is the climate change better there? talking about climate change, has it ruined our lives or not? what did we get in our gcses? did we finally do well? what job are we thinking of getting? have we discovered as multiverse yet? i really hope global warming goes away and the animal numbers become a lot bigger. are polar bears extinct? i hope not. are winters still gloomy and grey? are summers still as perfect as they are now? are springs still freezing cold? do the flowers still bloom beautifully and colourfully like nowadays? i hope u can answer all of these with happiness and good responses.

janna year 9

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