Luca Ponticelli's Letter

To my future self,

Dear Luca,
It's you in 2023 writing a letter to your future self.

By 2033, you'll be 43 years old, and the world might look like a very different place than now. You've had a decade of opportunity to engage in climate activism, to support the people on the front line, and to protect our planet from devastating exploitation caused by our consumption havoc.

I hope you've had at least a few months of volunteering to protect ocean health, and that you've decided to pursue a career that involves the design or implementation of climate solutions.

I also hope you've had a chance to put some good habits into practice to build a stronger bond with the earth, through the little things. From urban gardening to land restoration to reduced meat consumption and other practical earth skills that can be useful and nurturing to the habits and daily lives of you and your community.

I hope you've chosen proximity to nature as the direction for your life because it's all that matters at the end of the day, and let the big cities keep you relevant, informed, and inspired, but not have to serve as the basis for your happiness.

This is a message to you, I hope you can experience a mindful life in Europe without leaving a massive carbon footprint behind, and connect more and more with your local community, and land so that you can make a difference in making us all more empathetic towards this beautiful earth we live in.

I believe in you,

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