Laurie Stephenson's Letter

UK politicians and businesses,

I love the UK and want to see it be a prosperous and safe nation as I grow up, because I know that it's a brilliant country and I want it to stay that way. To ensure this, politicians here and abroad must come together to protect us collectively, instead of playing petty and pointless games which achieve nothing. The British people need to see politicians taking action on the climate crisis if we are to feel any enthusiasm for them to lead us.

However, politicians aren't the only ones with a responsibility to protect the UK, our businesses also have to take action now to ensure the safety of the UK and world. Not just because a world in a climate crisis will be bad for business, but also because it will lead to the death and despair for unknown numbers if people, surely those people are more important than profit.

So, please think not only of yourselves in the world of politics and business, think also of the future of our beautiful country and of the world.

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