Meher toorkey's Letter

To our deaf and short sighted leaders ,

I do not have children .I am nearly 70 years of age , but I care that the only earth , the only planet we have and all it’s wonderful flora and fauna is not lost to future generations
All the experts have warned for many years that we are at a critical point in our planet’s history , that if we don’t take urgent action now , we will be seeing the end of life as we know it
We cannot continue our reckless greedy drilling , exploiting nature , killing the oceans , deforestation and destroying the very source of our oxygen and health
Extinction is forever and once lost ,the tiger, elephants, bears ,wolves or the giant trees of old growth forests will be lost forever .
Climate migration and economic refugees will increase as it will be impossible to live in certain areas due to droughts , flooding , hurricanes and other climate disasters as sea levels rise and areas are swallowed by the sea

It is time to wake up to the grim reality , that we are at one minute to midnight and urgent action has to be taken NOW to reverse the dangers facing all of us as humans , for the future of our planet and if we want it to survive for YOUR children and grandchildren , as I will only watch this sad demise from another dimension as I shall not be alive to see it
Yours in desperation
Meher toorkey

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